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Online portal for TMRS members and retirees. … Log In to MyTMRS … Go to TMRS’ forms page. Need help with MyTMRS? Contact TMRS …

Online portal for TMRS members and retirees

TMRS • Texas Municipal Retirement System

TMRS is a statewide retirement system that provides retirement, disability, and survivor benefits for employees of participating Texas cities.

Log in – Employer Reporting

Texas Municipal Retirement System. TMRS City Portal Login. User Name. Password. Log in. Forgot your password? Staff. Arrivos™. © 2021.

TMRS • How Do I Check My Account Information?

Online through MyTMRS: — click on MyTMRS and follow the prompts to register and/or log in. · By phone — Call our toll-free number (800.924.8677) and speak to …

How to check your TMRS account information.

TMRS • City Portal Information

The City Portal allows cities to: Enroll new Members; View detailed information on TMRS Members; Access and generate Member and city reports; Upload documents …

The City Portal gives city-designated users online access to their city and employee data.

Contact TMRS

TMRS • Contact TMRS

Contact TMRS. Member Service Center. 800-924-8677. Fax: 512-476-5576

Form for members, retirees and cities to request information from TMRS.

TMRS • Member Benefits

Once vested, even if you leave city employment, you may leave your deposits with TMRS and retire with a TMRS retirement benefit when you reach age 60 (or meet …

Short explanations of TMRS benefits.

Staff Log in – Employer Reporting – TMRS City Portal

Staff Log in – Employer Reporting

Texas Municipal Retirement System. TMRS City Portal Login. Staff Login. TMRS Tegrit. Return to Login.

TMRS • Forms for Members

TMRS Forms used by members, retirees and cities.

TMRS • Refunding Your Account

Refund Your Account. During your employment with a TMRS participating city, you contribute into a TMRS account, and each year TMRS applies 5% interest to …

How to refund your member deposits if you no longer work for a TMRS city.

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